Forge right on track

Forge were to the fore at the inaugural Le Col Photo Shoot Day at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit on 30 October.

Tim H, Sue E and Jon E were our representatives, resplendent in our gleaming new Le Col kit, further enhanced by a freebie pair of bright white Le Col socks.

Fresh coffee and biscuits provided by the on-site barista, Gavin (our Le Col rep) kicked off affairs by welcoming us to the event and setting out the timetable for the afternoon. We would start by riding round the circuit in Club formation while Ian, the photographer, would be popping up at various locations around the track to snap us in action.

Just look good, right? Easy-peasy.

Twickenham CC were the first club on track, followed by Kingston Wheelers, before it was the turn of Forge and Thame CC to take to the track looking out for Ian so that we could put on our game-faces as we accelerated for the camera.

Eventually Thame called us through to do our stint on the front at which point it became obvious that Sue E had clearly not listened closely to the earlier briefing, promptly dropping the hammer and distancing the rest of the peloton by around half a lap!

Meanwhile, Sue E had also impressed the kids from Welwyn CC. Forge had clearly come out on top as their club of choice to chaperon them around the track and for 4 or 5 laps we accompanied Ben (8), Rachel (10) and Josh (6), gently upping the pace but being roundly beaten each time in the sprint for the line. The future of British Cycling in in good hands and their smiles made this the undoubted highlight of our day.

Finally, some close-up pictures with Tim, who should consider a future career in modelling – showing off the Forge Kit (and matching bike) to its absolute best!

Thanks Le Col and Ian Wrightson Photography.