Alex Byrne

Club Secretary 2021, 2022

Ride Group: F2

Forge London CC | Member photo - Alex Byrne

What kind or rider are you?

I guess I am the classic ‘Sunday Club Run’ rider  – I tend to join the slower more social group and occasionally try my luck on some of the faster rides.  I do a bit of ride / route organising and also a bit of planning for club trips.

How often do you ride?

When I can I ride twice a week – Sunday mornings for the Club Ride and on Thursdays for training and drink after.  In the Summer months I try to ride Saturdays as well and do some of my commute by bike.  Sometimes I work away from home for a month or two and try to take a bike with me…! 

Why do you ride?

Mostly for fitness (mental and physical).  I stopped running  because of dodgy knees and then started to commute by bike and one thing led to another.  I now have 4 bikes and really enjoy the social aspect of being part of a cycling club.

Do you have any cycling targets this year?

Lock down has made the last year quite difficult for cycling and plenty of other stuff as well.  I’d like to get back some fitness and stack up some miles.

And finally, when you’re not cycling, what do you enjoy/where you can you found?

I work in the Arts which means I am often found inside a dark theatre or studio (dreaming of being outside cycling…)  It does mean I have visited some great places…. and cycled in them!