Ruben Quijada

Ride Group: F3

Forge London CC | Member photo - Ruben Quijada

What kind of rider are you?

All this started in 2018 when I decided to become a triathlete; joining Forge London CC gave me the opportunity to ride in a group and meet members with similar interests. Since joining I feel more secure in the saddle and have increased my fitness on the bike. Every ride is different, with new challenges, new routes, not to mention all the support you get from experienced people/friends, it makes the difference.

How often do you ride?

I try to ride three or four times a week as part of my training. Two of the rides I do are with the club, one on Thursdays with the tempo ride and the other on Sundays for a long ride. I really enjoy both to the fullest.

Why do you ride?

Since I became a triathlete, this is part of my life/training. Being part of the Club has really helped me to reach my goals and improve my ability on the bike. I would also like to mention the social part of each ride, it is the best.

Do you have any cycling targets this year?

A new challenge for me this year will be a 70.3 Ironman. I would like to do the bike course (90 km) in less than 2 hours and 45 minutes. I am looking forward to joining the Forge trips, as well as completing one of the big six sportives in 2022.