Caroline Heisig

Ride Group: F2

What kind of rider are you?

I like a bit of everything from my cycling – seeing new places, spending time with like-minded folks on social rides, structured training to improve my racing, challenging myself – but mostly it’s the sheer joy of being outside!

How often do you ride?

I ride a few times a week, and usually join Forge for the Sunday ride for the company and new routes over the longer distances. I usually do one or two more structured sessions on my own during the week.

Why do you ride?

I’ve always ridden bikes – cycling is as natural as walking to me, so it was an easy transition to cycling for sport! I love the feeling of freedom, camaraderie and challenge of riding, especially with the club.

Do you have any cycling targets this year?

This year I’ll be doing Ride London for the first time – the 100 miles will be quite a challenge for me so I’d like to complete that feeling good. Other than that, I aim to keep up with the F2 group, especially on the sprints!

When you’re not cycling, what do you get up to?

Cycling is just part (potentially my favourite part…) of my triathlon training, so when I’m not cycling I’m usually running in beautiful Richmond Park or trying to get out of swimming practice!!