Wahoo for Forge

Three cheers for Forge’s Rachel G who won herself some top bike tech, smashing the field with the best time at a special Wahoo evening at Balfe’s Cycles in Kingston.

Rach may be a classic steel bike aficionado but she was undaunted in the white-hot world of virtual indoor training, posting the quickest time to win a Wahoo Elemnt Rival Multisport GPS Watch.

A what, you say? Well, it’s top-notch sport training gubbins that tells you how far, how fast and how you are, no less. Oh, and it tells the time too.

Cheered on by Forge’s Sue E, Rachel set the fastest mark on the 900-metre course, despite being in civvies. Impressive.

So big up to our besties at Balfe’s and to the wonders at Wahoo. Rach for the stars, everyone.