Forge’s First Race Victory

Lewis C has become the first Forge rider to successfully win a British Cycling event and in the process, achieve his goal of becoming a Category 3 rider.

In his first year of racing, the financier and father of one set a goal to pin on a race number with the ambition of rising from the entry-level Category 4 to become a Category 3 racer.

So off to Hillingdon Cycle race track he went, donning the skin suit and sharpening his speed skills for his first event, finishing a very credible second.

To rise out of Category 4, a rider must accumulate enough points during the season and with a Covid-restricted calendar and Lewis’ busy family life, events were running out.

Joined by Forge’s Tom B (on his race debut) at the last criterium of the season at Hillingdon, Lewis won a three-up sprint to claim the victory, the crucial points and the chance to race at a higher level next season.

“I’ve learnt from my three previous races, even if I felt strong to stay hidden in the pack and out of the wind for as long as possible,” explained Lewis.

“And as the speed ramped up on the closing laps, two strong guys went off the front and I knew it was the decisive move.

“We stayed just clear of the bunch and even though I led out the sprint, I kicked as hard and fast as I could on the home straight, so relieved to get over the line first.”

Great work Lewis and a special mention to Forge’s Tom B too, who helped make the race as hard as possible by breaking away with five laps to go.

Forge ahead!

Note: If you fancy stepping up to racing, the Forge F4 group meets every Thursday evening for a fast chaingang work out. If you are interested contact