Chris Stuckey

Club Captain 2021, 2022

Ride Group: F3

Forge London CC | Member photo - Chris Stuckey

What kind of rider are you?

I have been riding for many years and decided to join a cycling club to improve my fitness and technique four years ago. The club offers a range of rides to allow you to pick the pace and distance that suits your mood. I enjoy both the challenge of the Thursday night tempo ride and the more social weekend rides.

How often do you ride?

I try to ride three to four times per week depending on work. This would normally mean a couple of trainer sessions in the winter but in the Summer there are usually organised rides on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Why do you ride?

Riding allows me to clear my mind and provides a contrast to my daily life. It is great to smash a chain gang out to Windsor after a hard day at work.

Do you have any cycling targets this year?

This year I have just set myself a goal of riding regularly to maintain my fitness and to achieve 12k over the 12 months. I am hoping that as things return to normal that I will be able to take part in Gent-Welvegem in the Spring and climb the Rocacorba in Girona.

When you’re not cycling, what do you get up to?

I have a high level of responsibility at work which takes up the majority of my time.