On your Girona

What’s that you say? Four days of Forge frolics around the beautiful cycling nirvana of Girona? I’m in.

And so were 17 of Forge’s finest on our first multi-day international trip, as we gorged on some of Europe’s finest roads, best climbs and most scenic routes. As well as sampling the very decent local wine and fantastic cuisine, of course.

With near perfect riding temperatures in the mid to late 20s, we took on the mighty Rocacorba, the brooding Mare de Deu del Mont, the heights of Sant Grau, the azure Costa Brava coast road and so much more. And all under a welcome May sun.

Rolling routes, sweeping descents, soaring climbs, perfect and empty roads and even polite drivers. I have a feeling we’re not in Chertsey anymore, Dorothy.

But it’s the people that make a trip and Forge are blessed with some excellent folk willing to share their experience and knowledge. Forge’s own Sant Feliu resident Irina, along with Tim H and Roser G meticulously planned the routes with lovely café stops, giving riders of all abilities the perfect options. Anna B unearthed a beaut of a hotel on the edge of Girona, seamlessly working the transfers and logistics while Jonny C was our consummate lensman with fantastic photography.

And, so to the riding.

Sam D proved his monthly improvement as a rider is now accelerating. He’s now getting better every hour on the bike. Ever-smiling Melissa B showed just how strong she has become, leading the pack back from the 135km loop to the coast.

Speedy Spanish sort Ruben Q was fastest up Rocacorba – even after assisting our slightly sun-drained Club Chair at the bottom of the climb. While Sue E got the cheer of the week as she crested the same climb with a ride of true grit and inspiration.

Jill S displayed awesome power throughout the week while Tim H, leading from the front, mapping the tracks, tracking every ride and ensuring everyone was in his slipstream, wins the true gent of the year award.

But the star of the last big day was our barrister newbie Josh K, who dashed up the start of the 18km climb of Mare de Deu de Mont. The more experienced hands expected him to go into the red but it was not to be, as he set the fastest time up the mighty mountain.  The jury returned with a verdict: very fast.

A truly fantastic foray for Forge. It was everything – and more – we had hoped for and already we’re talking about our next trip. South of France? Dolomites? Portugal anyone? I’m in.