New Kit Day Dawns

Wake up, wake up! The postie’s here, the packages are on the doorstep.

Everybody loves new kit day and for a new club like Forge, we were beyond excited as our very first bespoke Forge livery landed.

And what a result, putting Forge firmly on the road!

Seeing it in the material for the first time, the stunning colour fade blends even more beautifully with the classic yet contemporary font and logo. The understated yet strong design is eye-catching.

And the quality is undoubted. Manufactured in Italy by pro-tour providers Le Col, the shorts, jerseys, gilets and jackets come in two fits – race aero style, for those fancying the fast, and the more relaxed club fit. With top quality zippers, grippers and cut, Le Col did us proud.

And it’s all thanks to the brilliant Forge Kit Committee, who spent endless hours on Zoom discussing the unique design and requirements. Then there was the in-depth selection process of the supplier. Le Col coming out on top because of their undoubted quality, responsiveness and attention to detail.

But really, it’s all about getting out and riding in our fantastic Forge kit.

The first Thursday evening ride was a joy – beaming smiles and a genuine pride in the club.

Keep an eye out for us on the road. Forge ahead!

Note: We will be opening the kit window and your chance to buy the Forge kit throughout the year, including a winter range available in October.